We are sad to announce that the popular Monday heart moves class has finished. Its funding has ceased, however Pat has been negotiating with University of Canberra students to arrange a time and date for the commencement of a new Heart Health programme. We will let you know when it is ready to start.


We are delighted to announce that Brian Venables will be returning on Wednesday 12 July to resume leading the singing group, The Turner Tones. Come along and give your spirits a lift on these cold winter days.


A Jazzercise strength class uses a mixture of standing and chair work to target the major muscle groups to help build strength and stability. Weights and natural resistance engage the muscles while repetitions of particular moves are choreographed to music which ranges from modern, to pop, techno, country, jazz and instrumental.

Participants can expect to work a little bit outside their comfort zone but will be encouraged to take a break or reduce their physical input as needed and that is very much self-governed. Burn calories while toning the core, arms, shoulders, back, legs and glutes, thereby cross-training the body.

Come and try this 45-minute format. It’s on every Wednesday at 11.30 for just $8 per class. 


The date for this event is 17 August. We will be serving Chicken Schnitzel with vegetables followed by Lemon Meringue Pie and cream.

Lunch is $10, but free for those whose birthday is in August.

Please note that this time, the event is being held on the third Thursday of the month, not on the second Thursday as is usual.

RSVP by 11 August on 6248 9509.


A group of members come and play table tennis on Thursday afternoons from 1.00 to 2.30. Research has proved that there are many physical and mental benefits to be gained from this activity as well as lots of fun. Please come and join us.

For those of our members who are still in the work force, there is also a group who play on Sunday afternoons from 2.30 who would welcome new members. Bats and balls are supplied. Give Pat a call if you would like to join us.  Phone 6248 9509.



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