Thank you to all those who have renewed their CSC Membership for 2018–2019. For those who have still to do so, remember that the fee this year is $15. Please see Pat who will be happy to receive your money and provide you with a receipt.


These will resume in September. If you are planning to attend, please give your name to Pat and let her know how familiar you are with computer use so that we can plan to meet your needs in our future courses. 


The next Birthday Lunch will be held on Thursday 13 September. On the menu will be Chicken Schnitzel with Salad and Chips followed by Berry Cheesecake with Cream.

The cost is $5 for members with birthdays in September and $15 for partners and friends. RSVP by 7 September on 6248 9509 or 



This will be held on Wednesday 29 August from 6.30pm to 10.30pm. The cost is $10 which includes a light supper. There will be a free dance lesson from 6.30 to 7.30.


The Zumba Gold class is taking a short break. It seems that Canberra’s chilly winter mornings are not conducive to encouraging members to come to the club at 10.00am on Mondays to warm up with bright music and exercises to get the blood flowing. The class will resume on Monday 3 September when Spring is here.


Our second fete for the year will be held on Saturday 17 November. As you all know, our biggest fundraisers are our fetes and to make the best of them we need publicity. We know that our members often come up with great ideas. If you have any on how we might best get our messages about our fetes (and all the other wonderful things we do at the club) to the wider community, please jot your ideas down on paper and give them to Pat. If you would like to discuss publicity with Sandra (our publicity officer), she is in the club around midday most days. Call Pat and she will set up a meeting with her for you.

If spring-cleaning is on your to-do list, please keep the club in mind and bring in anything that is still in good condition and can be included in our goods for sale.


A number of members have expressed an interest in starting another Mahjong group. If you are interested in joining this group please let Pat know on 6248 9509.





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