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Our Vision

The vision describes the Centre as we want it to be seen by ourselves and the community. It encapsulates our aspirations for the Centre.  Our vision is to be:

a centre which our members, the community and the Government see as a well-organised and well-managed place — vibrant, friendly, and supportive.  Seniors of all nationalities and backgrounds undertake stimulating activities in order to promote social interaction and healthy ageing. Everyone has access to sensitive welfare assistance.


The values of the Centre are core ideals that we believe should guide the Centre in all its activities and in its longer term planning. 

We strive to embody our values in all that we do. Our approach will be constantly guided by five key values:

  • Promotion of healthy ageing – we believe all seniors benefit from opportunities to develop their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.
  • Provision of a supportive and friendly atmosphere — we care for each other, we provide support in time of need and we are non-judgemental.
  • Inclusion — we welcome seniors of all cultural and ethnic backgrounds.
  • Prioritising — we put the needs of our members before facilities, organisational arrangements and profit.
  • Appreciation of others — we value the experience and wisdom of senior Australians and the voluntary efforts they make in support of the Centre and the community.


The purpose of the Centre identifies the key functions that we see the Centre performing.  these functions are:

  • to reach out to people aged 50 and over from all backgrounds and abilities and encourage them to enter into our friendly social environment.
  • to provide a range of activities which help members learn new skills while they develop physically, emotionally and intellectually.
  • to encourage stimulating social interaction, particularly through the provision of meals and refreshments.
  • to provide counselling, support and information to seniors, and to carers of frail and disabled seniors.
  • to promote a positive image of seniors and their importance to both government and community.
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